Attraction Marketing 101 Wear an enthusiastic smile!


CarWashSignGuy 004I challenge each of us to find more enthusiasm, pizazz, and positive energy in our workplace than “Mr. Sparkle” exhibits on Richmond Road in Lexington, KY in all kinds of weather!  I challenge each of us to deliver a more heartfelt smile to total strangers with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Personally, I have never seen his match.

I would LOVE to have this man in my workplace, as a business associate (or on my team).  His attitude alone is worth his weight in gold!  This is the kind of persona that draws people:  genuine interest in others and a zeal for life.  His demeanor is a living, breathing, walking billboard for the business he represents and he never says a single word any of us can hear. If I receive such a smile, how could I possibly return a frown? Furthermore, how could I ever forget the business he represents?  Can you even imagine what it is like to stand out beside a busy intersection on Richmond Road in all kinds of weather and continue to exhibit such a positive attitude?


Does “Mr. Sparkle” himself know whether you’ve personally ever stopped for a car wash?  Either way, he continues to deliver his trademark smile and exhibit the same positive attitude.  We all deal with adversity in our relationships, businesses, and even in our families and friendships.  Every day is not sunshine in our lives.  However, we are still covered by the divine grace that comes from our Heavenly Father and this man exhibits that he knows and has received that type of grace.This is a man who has had his own personal struggles and who appreciates on a daily basis being given a second chance.  In case you missed the June 28, 2012 article about him by WUKY, here are some excerpts about the man behind the sign (& the smile):


“Darold’s life wasn’t always so positive, which is why he asked that we not use his last name. He once worked in the hotel industry, but there was a time when Darold was on the wrong side of the law. Not long ago he was sleeping in a shelter.“You had to be there by 6:30 to get in line. They didn’t open the doors until 7, and then if you’re not in line you don’t get a good bed, so you had to sleep on the floor, make a pallet on the floor. But I survived.” A friend suggested that Darold apply for a job at Mr. Sparkle. The owner of the car wash wasn’t afraid to give Darold a second chance.“He’s one of those who surprised us. He’s got a record. Many of us do here. We gave him a second chance, and you see what he’s doing with it,” says Boyd.Darold is now out of the shelter and says he starts each by reading a chapter from the book of Proverbs in the Bible.“Things you go through make you stronger. Keeps you humble too!” he says.”


All I can say is WOW!  Each of us can learn a lesson from Darold! Perhaps you wonder how you can do attraction marketing,  promote your business and generate income on a shoestring budget?  First be genuinely interested in other people.  Show them they matter.  Show them you care.  Show them they are far more important to you than any product you have to offer.  Play forward a smile so big that it radiates from within.  Take a moment…actually not just one but daily… to play forward the grace you have been granted from our Heavenly Father.   If you see someone whose vision has dimmed because of the challenges of life, give them one of your smiles or a small kindness to rekindle that spirit.   It is by selfless giving that we truly receive.


Pam Baker, RN









CarWashSignGuy 004

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