Combat Holiday Weight Gain


Are even your fat pants too tight?  Don't despair!

Are even your fat pants too tight? Don’t despair!











Every year the same cycle continues….holiday weight gain!  Every year the culprits are the same:  too many concentrated sweets.  It is such a cycle in fact, that a “game” similar to “Pass the Hot Potato” ensues after the holidays are over.  I’ve dubbed it a game of Confectionery Chess with the object of the “game” to get the left over sweet confections out of your home ASAP without falling prey to those pushed on you by others bringing them in to your workplace.  The only jump you have coming is to eliminate the sweets before the Checkmate (you go up a whole pants size). It’s time you learned how to effectively combat holiday weight gain.

You have to understand how this works.  The holidays upon us, women everywhere began to bake around mid-December.  Cookie, cakes and pies and an untold gazillion pounds of candy were all made under the guise of making and preserving great holiday memories.   We saw confectionery photos on Facebook, Pinterest, All Recipes….you name it….and naturally we all wanted to try those great recipes.

But the days of reckoning have arrived and everyone who fell prey to those sweet confections is now digging out their fat pants and praying they still fit.   Thank God for spandex!   

The holidays are over, yet the abundance of temptation fills plastic containers and tins on kitchen counter tops everywhere.  Every time you walk by, you raise the lid.  Yep! It’s still in there and it smells just as good as it did the last time you lifted the lid.

Go ahead and blame your mother.  After all, she was the first person you saw insisting people take these treats home when they left her house from the holidays.  The tradition continues as we “share the joy” (or the sin) much as Eve first “shared” that darn apple in the Garden of Eden. 

And so I have dubbed this the annual game of Confectionery Chess.  I bring some to you to get rid of it so it doesn’t tempt me and you likewise take it in to your workplace to “share” with your co-workers.  We move it around and around with the logic that “I work with a bunch of skinny people who can afford the extra calories” or “he works out a lot and he can burn it off quicker than I can.”  Who exactly are we kidding and why do we repeat this maddening cycle year after year?  Yes, those pants really DO make your butt look big, but it’s not the pants’ fault…..they are just praying the stitching doesn’t break at the seams while you’re lying across your bed trying to get the zipper to zip.  Yes, I’ve been there too!

I’m betting many of you have vowed to start your diet “just as soon as all these sweets are gone.”  Seriously?  You don’t want to throw it out… that your logic? After all, it was a lot of hard work and cost you a lot of time to make.  I’m still listening to my own flawed logic.  Guilty!  So it’s time to get serious and really combat holiday weight gain.

Many of us have participated in destructive behavior.  Let’s be adults and own our own guilt.  It’s time to move on and quit compounding the damage bite after bite and sharing the caloric poison.  Let’s quit setting snares for our friends and family by enticing them to participate in our poor dietary decisions.  We’ll likely be begging one or more of them to be our gym buddy soon.  Why wait until the New Year? 

Be a real friend to yourself, your family or your co-workers. Get up now, go to your own kitchen, open those containers and DUMP IT IN THE TRASH where it belongs.  Throw dirty kitty litter on it if your willpower is weak.   No looking back.  What’s done is done.  Time to throw off the baggage of the past and move forward for a healthier 2014. 

[I leave you with a point to ponder:   if you eat a pound of candy, will you only gain a pound or do you just need 3500 excess calories to gain a pound? You do the scientific calculations.]

Pam Baker, RN

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