A Nurse’s Perspective on Pain

For this nurse, pain has no value unless it prompts you to take action.

For this nurse, pain has no value unless it prompts you to take action.

I have provided direct care for many patients in pain over the course of my 28 years as a Registered Nurse.  I have seen those patients who were in acute pain from trauma, child birth, post operative pain, chronic pain such as from wounds/leg ulcers, back pain, an old injury, fibromyalgia, arthritis and the pain of terminal illness.  I have taken care of those who have taken so many narcotics that they’ve developed a tolerance and pain medication no longer seems to be effective.   This is a nurse’s perspective on pain.

The Faces of Pain

I have observed how people react to pain.  Some have  low tolerance for pain (who could bear little) while others have high tolerance (who were the silent soldiers).  I have observed the stoic faces of those “silent soldiers” who I knew must be in pain, but who would ask for nothing.  I have observed the grimaces, the groans, the shrieks, and even the agony of those suffering from acute pain.

Causes of Pain

What causes most pain?  Inflammation! What causes the inflammation?

Refer to my articles:

Personal Experience With Pain

Let me be very clear that both from a nursing perspective and a very personal perspective, I know about pain.  I have experienced intense post operative pain, the pain of trauma, procedural pain, childbirth and the chronic pain of arthritis. I have at times been that same “silent soldier” who just didn’t talk about the pain that wouldn’t go away.  Instead I continued to traipse up and down those long hospital corridors working 12 hour shifts, helping others while I was in pain myself.

I am actually thankful that I have firsthand knowledge of pain because I was never slow to respond to my patient’s needs because of it.  In fact, I have advocated for my patients to some doctors who had deaf or calloused ears on behalf of their patients whose pain was not being adequately addressed.

As for me, I have bought both acetaminophen and ibuprofen in 100-200+ count bottles.  Often, I would take 800 mg. of ibuprofen several times a day and still be experiencing pain.  Pain would keep me awake at night.  When the alarm sounded in the morning, I dreaded to step my feet on the floor because I knew the pain was only going to get worse throughout the day.  I would mentally ask myself this question:  Do  I want to harm my liver with acetaminophen or harm my kidneys with ibuprofen?  So I would alternate between the two and still never be comfortable.

Narcotic pain relievers for chronic pain weren’t even an option.  Nobody needs a nurse whose judgment may be impaired.  There’s always the issue of developing a high tolerance to narcotics, requiring more and more to achieve the same level of relief.  I have known too many nurses who lost their licenses over mismanagement of narcotics and vowed I would never go down that dead-end road.

Does Pain Have Value?

Does pain have value?  My answer would be yes….but only if it prompts you to take action.  So what value does pain have for me?  Absolutely none!  Pain is not an old familiar friend I hesitate to part with; instead pain was a hindrance to me living life to its fullest. Yes, you just read the words correctly; I just referred to pain in the past tense! J

Decrease the Inflammation, Decrease the Pain

In late November, 2011, another friend (also a nurse) recognized my need and shared information about a natural product, Moringa Oleifera, that has changed my life.  For the first time since I was a child, I know what it is like to live my life pain-free!  The discarded all the remaining ibuprofen and acetaminophen from my own medicine cabinet.  They expired because I didn’t need them anymore!

Now I begin (and end) every single day with 36 all natural plant-based anti-inflammatories that don’t harm either my liver or my kidneys— made from Moringa Oleifera.  For me, pain has no value and was definitely not my friend—it prevented me from living “life unlimited.”  Is pain limiting your ability to enjoy life? J

This was my personal experience.  Nothing I share on this website is an attempt to diagnose, treat, give medical advice or take the place of your own health care provider.  Moringa Oleifera is a nutritional product that contains 36 all natural anti-inflammatories.  You might also life to read:  Nutrition:  Moringa Oleifera


I sincerely hope you’re living your life pain-free.

Pam Baker, RN










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