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Pam Baker, RNHello and welcome to my website!  This page is about PamBakerRN.com (& the person behind the stories).  In nearly 3 decades as a Registered Nurse, I have provided home care in over 26 Kentucky counties, 3 foreign countries, and across most of the U.S. I have worked in public health, schools, hospitals, home health, nursing homes, palliative care, disaster relief and even in correctional facilities. I have been caregiver, advocate, teacher, educator, health coach, consultant and expert witness in the courtroom.  Now I wear a new “cap” in PamBakerRN.com in which I share my journey and the things that have become increasingly important to me along the way.

I have seen success stories and treatment failures. I have seen miraculous recoveries and heart breaking complications. I have provided care for people who created their own health crisis but refused to take responsibility for their own behavior, instead blaming others. I have seen people neglect their own health and take it for granted. Sometimes adverse health conditions happen and it’s nobody’s fault.

Either way, my mission as a nurse has been to help people recover, and to provide whatever physical and emotional comfort I can along their journey to recovery. As you might imagine, I have administered a lot of prescribed synthetic drugs in the course of my nursing career. Consequently I have seen far too many side effects. I have experienced adverse side effects from synthetic drugs prescribed for me. I have had a variety of side effects, from feeling like my skin was crawling to nightmares, rashes, and near anaphylaxis. I have watched as my dad became toxic and combative on seizure medication. I watched helplessly as my mother temporarily lost her vision because of drug interactions.

Of all the synthetic medications I’ve taken over the course of my own lifetime, both prescribed and over-the-counter, I was never taught by my health care provider or in either of the 3 schools of nursing I attended that there were conservative alternatives. I believe there are situations and conditions when either approach would be appropriate, I don’t believe a cabinet full of synthetic drugs is required to maintain or restore health. For every drug you take, your liver or kidneys has to detoxify or filter it from your body.

I am not advising you to disregard your doctor’s advice, but I would advise you to be well informed of alternatives to synthetic chemicals and the possible adverse side effects of those drugs. Come learn about conservative and plant-based, natural alternatives for nutrition, health, and even chemical-free green living!

Pam Baker, RN


Our life experiences mold us everyday.  I have shared my family and my own journey (sometimes baring my soul) in my writing.  I do this to be an encourager to those who are also struggling to overcome adversity.   If anything I’ve written inspires you, encourages you, or speaks to your own experiences, I’d love to hear from you!  You might also like to read:

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See NURSES’ CORNER below for stories from my career as a Registered Nurse.

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