How Much Apathy Can You Afford, America?


I'm Watching You photoIn case you hadn’t noticed, America has changed.  It has been slow and insidious over the past 40 – 50 years, but “while you were sleeping” or otherwise busy with your own life, real justice (and what it is costing you) changed.  With a stroke of many pens, politicians you did (or didn’t) help elect made decisions by introducing and/or supporting bills you probably had no knowledge about.  After the election hype was over and politicians assumed their collective offices, you quit watching and listening to what they supported, went back to your own busy life and looked the other way. When things turned really sour and those bad decisions came to light, the finger pointing turned to blaming one political party over the other for a poor decision or the balance (or imbalance) of power in Congress.

You may never have checked voting records of those you helped put in office to determine whether you agreed with what they stood for beyond their political party affiliations. So the question now becomes:  Just how much apathy can you and your wallet continue to afford, America?

Just to make sure you’re fully awake, here are a few facts you may not know about.

1)  A U.S. Court has started precedence by ruling that taxpayers fund gender reassignment surgery for an inmate serving a life sentence for murder.

(Please click on the links below for more information on each topic.)

2)  How do these U.S. Court Judges get in office?

3)  Taxpayers are paying for Medicare for illegal aliens.

Check your pay stub.  How much are you contributing to Medicare every pay period?  Those who literally crawled under the border fences and never paid a dime really appreciate it.

4)  Taxpayers are paying for Welfare, Food Programs, Housing and Medicaid for illegal aliens.

5) Why do we continue to ignore the border security of America?   More and more illegal aliens slip into America bringing illegal drugs and/or signing up for welfare and other benefits as entitlements.  We can’t afford to support those already on our welfare roles.  Exactly WHY would the “pathway to citizenship” notion trump border security?  Do you believe this poll truly represents the collective opinion of America on this critical topic?

6)  Affordable healthcare:   incarcerated inmates are being signed up under Obamacare.   Thanks again, America.

Ultimately, WE THE PEOPLE still have power, but we continue to choose not to use it beyond Election Day.  We blindly trust elected politicians to do the right thing on our behalf and then don’t monitor their decisions to make sure they are truly representing us.   Are we allowing those deaf to our opinions to be our collective voice?   Are we even speaking up and using our voice?  Please understand that our U.S. Congress is comprised of mostly millionaires.

NO, they really don’t know what it is like to work from paycheck to paycheck and wonder how they’re going to stretch their income to pay for healthcare, housing, food, utilities, education and other living expenses.  Additionally, they have no clue what burdens they put on the backs of the bulk of taxpaying Americans by their poor decisions.

Therefore it is entirely up to us to protect and preserve America for future generations and ourselves.  Would you trust to leave the doors to your home unlocked to strangers?  These are our security borders, America, yet they are NOT secure.   People who are not invested in our Nation and never worked to build it are bleeding it dry.

How much do you trust others with what you have worked to earn?  Would you leave your car unlocked, setting in your driveway with the keys in the ignition?  Do you trust people you don’t know with your bank account and your wallet?  I doubt it.  So why would you turn over the “keys” to America to elected officials who continue to prove they can’t or won’t govern in the best interest of all taxpaying Americans?

Do you get performance evaluations at work?  If you make an error in judgment, it is usually called to your attention and you’re expected to correct it or face disciplinary action.  Then do the same for those holding political office!

Here’s how you can hold your elected officials accountable by tracking issues currently being discussed in Congress and monitoring HOW your Congressman voted on the important issues:

You can even sign up to get email alerts from the link above.  This is an excellent way to see for yourself how a Congressman voted on a particular issue.  If he/she voted “Yay” and actually supported an issue, then denied it to the public later in an attempt to get re-elected, you can find out firsthand. You have a voice.   Use it, America!  Let your elected officials know you are watching and will hold them accountable for their decisions on your behalf.

Pam Baker, RN

I'm Watching You photo

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