Where Does Time Go?

Beach vacations are once again just pleasant memories in tabletop photo albums. Leaves are changing from lush vibrant green to hints of yellow and orange. The thermometer has made several dips to the 50’s. Late summer fog has settled into the valleys and pastures, sometimes obscuring morning commutes to work. Yellow school buses carrying sleepy children with oversized backpacks have once again appeared on streets and roadways. Football season and tailgating parties have returned. Time stands still for no one, not even in our most pleasurable moments when we wish so desperately that it would.   Where does time go?

It has been weeks since I put pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to keyboard) to write. The only excuse I have is that life just got in my way for a brief season. There have been hurdles of discouragement in the form of hackers and hosting company changes that really caused me to question whether I should publicly share any portion of my life online at all.   That is the way it goes when you step out of your comfort zone and try to build a website or a business. It is like being the tallest object on a level terrain in the midst of a thunderstorm. You just have to weather the storm and be grounded when the lightning strikes come. The sun is shining now and I’m still standing. It is time to move on. After all, time waits for no one.  With this entry, I will not write to please the SEO gods of blogging who score my efforts for the masses and set search engines grinding.

My summer has been occupied by my usual nursing duties at work (of course), a nursing conference, a first-ever family reunion, and a multitude of road trips that were not all for pleasure. I pride myself in my determination to make lemonade out of lemons and finding ways to incorporate fun into any journey.   Like most people, I have often felt pulled in a dozen directions at once, trying my best to prioritize time and resources. Where does the time go?   For that matter, where does a lifetime go? How do we budget our time for the greatest impact?

As for me, much of my priority time this summer has been spent with family and family-related activities, which were my moments of greatest pleasure and hearty laughter.   I also made myself available during times when a couple of my family members needed support as they were dealing with health issues and surgery.

So what about “me time?” The distinction of “me time” can get really fuzzy because it is hard to separate the things I want to do apart from things I want or need to do with and for those I love. I don’t feel at all cheated because my free time hasn’t solely been focused on solo activities.   However, writing is very much a solo activity and that is the thing I have missed.   Although I took a brief hiatus from writing, it was for a brief season and I am once again back with fingers to keyboard.

As the shadows of leaves dancing in the late summer breeze bring my wall to life with the setting sun, I leave you to ponder the same question: Where does time go? How can we best hang on to and capitalize on the time we are given for a season, especially when it is a pleasurable season?  I’d love to hear from you.

Pam Baker, RN


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